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The automobile industry in India has been expanding in a big way. Along with this yarn automotive fabrics market share is also rising. Polyester has now become a leading fiber for car manufacture as well. Polyester in various forms like filament, spun and air texturised are commonly used.

Automotive yarn is the yarn used in automobile upholstery. Yarn is 100 % polyester. Yarns should have better pilling, better abrasion and better light fastness.

Types of automotive yarns

There are basically 5 types of yarn:

  1. Texturised yarn (155/34, 80/34,225/72)
  2. Air-Texturised yarn (840 dtex, 790 dtex, 650 dtex, 630 dtex, 600 dtex)
  3. Roto filament yarn (450, 600)
  4. Spun 100% polyester yarn ( 2/24 )
  5. Flock yarn

The denier is 155 and the number of filaments is 34. They are manufactured in normal draw texturising machines.

Air-Texturised yarn is obtained from air texturising machines using the following polyester

  1. 235 den and 48 no of filaments
  2. 235 den and 68 no of filaments
  3. 235 den and 34 no of filament

Flock yarn is a three component yarn consisting of the carrier thread (technical viscose filament yarn), the acrylate bonding agent and the flock material (Nylon 6.6).It is the latest technology. Flock yarn is not manufactured in India. It is imported from Italy.

All the above yarn are used because they give the fabrics less abrassion, pilling etc. which are required for automotive fabrics used by car manufacturers.

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